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No Fucks Givin.




Even better.

I want this because of many reasons.

The light bulb symbolizes our thoughts and how over-thinking can kill us.

As blood runs blackAllegiance

My boyfriend is really the best. He treats me like a princess, always knows what to do and say, and overall be a perfect person. He does some pretty adorable things too. He’ll put his thumb go the roof of his mouth and sit there like that watching Netflix. He’s been doing that for the past hour actually. Dillon always kisses me and makes sure I know I’m loved. He cuddles with me all night and all morning every time I spend the night. He cooks for me pretty often (especially french toast). And he spoils me to death. We’re so much alike but different. He’ll make fun of me for my choice of music, we look/dress different, makes fun of what my guilty pleasures are, and how I talk at times. But overall, he’s literally perfect. I really couldn’t ask for anyone better than him. I’m so lucky to have him as a best friend and a boyfriend. Dillon’s the biggest gentleman that you could ever imagine. He always opens up doors for me, pays for a lot of stuff, makes sure I’m taken care of first before he is, and is just inexplicably wonderful. I thought I knew myself before I met him but I really didn’t. I’m so happy with this guy, it’s almost hard to explain. Whether we’re sober, high, drunk, or whatever, I know he’s meant for me. I know this is super super cheesy, but I’m happy. And Dillon’s actually pretty cheesy/corny/romantic himself. I love you Dillon Alexander Arturo Lowery<3

From your fantastic fucking girlfriend,

Kelly <3